What is the cheapest method to ship to India from the USA

Shipping at a Glance: Economical shipping from the U.S. to India is possible. Prime Express International Couriers offer affordable shipping option with services like door pickup and delivery. You can be anywhere in the United States. Prime Express has partnered with UPS. Customers can drop off their items at the nearest UPS Store. Quote Online to get the exact price. Prime Express has shipment to India every week. Let us say, you are staying in Ohio. Once you complete your packing, perform an online booking indicate that you will be dropping off at the UPS Location. The system will generate a label. UPS will deliver your package to our warehouse. Once the package arrives, Prime Express will send your package to India in the next flight available along with other similar package.

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What are the factors effecting the price on shipping International to India
Shipping to india from USA does not need to be expensive. Our customers were surprised to view our prices compared to some national courier companies.

Factors effecting the price are as below

1. Physical weight of your package
2. Dimension of your package
3. Do you want express delivery or economical delivery

Most companies including Prime Express compares the actual weight vs. volumetric weight and then takes into account whichever is higher.

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